M3 Underwriting is the Risk Underwriting Agency which distributes in Italy the products of MIC Insurance Company.
As the Regulator establishes, the entity represents the insurance company in the name and on behalf of which it acts, therefore it is not an intermediary but a direct distribution instrument.

M3 Underwriting is born with the vocation to support highly specialized risks and collaborates with all those intermediaries in Italy who want MIC Insurance products.
M3 Underwriting has an adequate professional structure that can support the large number of brokers and brokerage companies in the market. Its service facility offers:

  • business management and business development competence;

  • production competence and brokerage support;

  • administrative competence;

  • competence in case of claims;

  • expertise in advisory and risk management.

M3 Underwriting Srl

Via Ludovisi 16, Roma (Italia) 00187

tel. +39 06 81152950

fax +39 06 32 20 501

Codice Fiscale – P. IVA: 14292691004

REA  RM - 1510275

IVASS Reg nr. A000575747

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