Millennium Insurance Company Ltd, today with its new brand MIC Insurance Company Ltd, is a British insurance company with all the permits to operate in the European Union.
It specializes in supplying innovative insurance products and solutions and in offering tailor-made solutions, particularly in the field of guarantees, sureties, warranties and trade credit. In 2017 MIC Insurance - Millennium was awarded nationally in Spain for its results and its vision. Business volumes further strengthen it in the Spanish national market for premium volume and solvency. It has issued a total of € 13,004,610.42 with a market share of 20.91%. With this data, the Company has confirmed for the fourth consecutive year as the market leader in sureties in Spain, surpassing other recognized entities in the insurance industry, and continues its expansion process in other European countries, in particular Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Luxembourg, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Denmark.

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Solvency and financial condition report 2016

In 2016 global business figures amounted to € 74,332,203.00, up 21.55% over the previous year, for a total value of assets of € 139,208,802.00.
With the goal of offering the best service to customers and achieving new market successes in 2017, MIC Insurance - Millennium now opens a new phase of work in Italy through M3 Underwriting Subscription Agency.